Ian Grieve
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Roma Street Gardens

"Roma Street Gardens"
(120 x 75 cm)
Oil on Hardboard

Ian Grieve specializes in

  • Oil Painting

  • Watercolour

  • Pastel

  • Commissioned Works

"Painting is a journey with many twists and turns..."

Artist's Statement

"Painting is as much the internal expression of emotion as the external reality of the physical change. I try to draw the viewer into the depths of the painting. Every time the artist shows any work it is like revealing something about oneself. It is this exposure that frightens and at the same time fascinates me."

Forest Walk

"Forest Walk"
(61 x 51 cm)

Treasury Building, Brisbane

"Treasury Casino, Brisbane
(88 x 70 cm)

"By layering in meticulously painted colours so that the impact is immediate. The enveloping lights and darks present as swathes of material or space. One can constantly push back the restraints of each medium; although for me in the case of portraiture - the painting must possess a strong likeness to the sitter. Painting is a journey with many twists and turns, while the destination is unknown the artist accepts the challenge and the chronicler charts the unknown waters for history."

Having a special feel for the natural beauty of the environment,
Ian often paints on location throughout the Sunshine Coast region.

First Bay, Noosa

"First Bay, Noosa"
(120 x 91.5 cm)

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